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Telescope and View Examples

For visual learners, here's how different telescopes see (with their respective cameras) the same targets: Orion and Horsehead nebulae. (very good/popular beginner targets)

Example screenshots taken from my favorite framing website:

Note - remember that applying different cameras with different sensors onto the same telescope will result in a different Field of View.

OTA: Sharpstar EDPHII 61 (61mm objective lens, 268mm focal length w/reducer applied)

Camera - Canon T7i

OTA: William Optics Gran Turismo 81 (81mm objective lens, 382mm focal length w/reducer applied)

Camera - ASI183MC Pro (color, cooled)

OTA: Celestron 8 EdgeHD (8" objective lens, 1422mm focal length w/reducer applied)

Camera - ASI294MC Pro (color, cooled)

Seeing and reviewing these should give you an idea of how different telescopes with different FOV's can be better (or worse) for what you want. When selecting a telescope, remember that most targets are much smaller than these beginner/example targets. Distant galaxies (other than Andromeda) are fractions of these sizes.


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